Saturday, April 16, 2011


So it's not my giveaway (I'm not that cool yet !!)....but it's an awesome one!!  Go check out  5 Miles Past Empty is giving away an awesome medal display!!!

2 weeks from tomorrow (Sunday) I will be earning my first medal!! OKC 1/2 here I come!!  I am soo excited...but so completely terrified!  I havn't ran the full 13.1 yet (My longest consecutive mileage is 7...Yah I know that's FAR from 13...but these next 2 weeks I will be working my Boo-tay off to get there!!

I've already told myself it's ok to walk...and my ONLY goal this go round is to FINISH!  If I have to  crawl across the finish line...I WILL FINISH!

Good News is....Oh-No signed up to run it with me today!! I was starting to think I was in this alone!!

Today me and the hubs had some Pei Wei for lunch....and I'm about to have it again for dinner (Work night...) then he had a GENIUS idea...Sno Cones!  Nothing better than starting off your work night with a sno cone!!  Mmm goodness!  I'll post more pictures tomorrow!

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5 Miles 2 Empty said...

Thanks for the link!!!

The OKC medal is sweet!! At least it was last year!! This is my first time on the 1/2 course too!!

Good luck!!!